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West Park, near W. North Avenue and Monterey Street

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granite, Civil War

Artwork Type

Monument, Permanent, Sculpture

Soldiers' Monument


Peter Charles Reniers



This Civil War monument only includes parts of the original, which was dedicated on Decoration Day in 1871 on nearby Monument Hill. Monument Hill is now occupied by the Community College of Allegheny County. The monument was dismantled in 1929 when the site was redeveloped, causing much controversy and debate about finding a new location for it. It was relocated here in 1931. The winged figure of Fame can been seen on the top of the column, but original figures from the artillery, cavalry, infantry, and navy were not included in the new design.  

Peter Charles Reniers (b.1825) was a Belgian sculptor who came to Pittsburgh in 1851. Reniers was both a sculptor and interior designer. He completed busts of Artic explorer, Dr. Kane, President Pierce, Charles Spang, Alexander King, and Thomas Scott.